Our Lives: A Photovoice Exhibt
Welcome to Our Lives – featuring photographs taken by non-gay identified African American men who have sex with men about the successes and challenges in maintaining  sexual health and preventing HIV infection.

Our Lives Photovoice: A Research Project Conducted by:
Edward Mamary, DrPH, MS
Principal Investigator and Associate Professor
Health Science Department, MPH Program
San José State University
Jacqueline McCright, MPH
Co-Principal Investigator
San José State University Foundation          
Funding provided by:
The Universitywide AIDS Research Program
Grant# ID04-SJSU-0372



The Our Lives photovoice exhibit provides a forum for participants to share their life experiences about the important factors they have encountered in maintaining their sexual health and reducing their HIV risk, thereby creating community awareness, educating health care providers, and influencing key policy makers. Through their efforts, they have engaged the community in a critical dialogue about an important topic not widely discussed.

Photovoice is a participatory action research method developed by Caroline C. Wang and Mary Ann Burris.  The photographs act as a catalyst for participants to engage in critical dialogue regarding issues important to them related to the particular phenomenon of interest.  A central aim of photovoice is to provide a venue for participants to communicate issues to policy makers and the community at large.  For more information about the method of photovoice, go to www.photovoice.com.